Merrill & Ring

Merrill & Ring is a forestry and land management company with a rich history in the Pacific Northwest. Headquartered on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, the company holds 75,000 acres of timberland in western Washington, British Columbia and New Zealand.

The Merrill & Ring families expanded their investment in forestry from the states of Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin to the Pacific Northwest in the late 1800’s. In 1888, the families purchased the Pysht Tree Farm, which is now the oldest tree farm in Washington State still operated by its original owners.

Now, the families’ vision of the future and their goal to produce lasting value has sustained Merrill & Ring well into their second century as stewards of the forest, managing all resources for the benefit of the human communities and the environment.

Being here for over 100 years has given Merrill & Ring a long-term perspective. “We recognize from the practical experiences of growing new forests that the things we do today shape our future. That future will be as productive as our stewardship of the many resources we manage and that we all rely on.”

The Pysht Tree Farm was purchased by the Merrill & Ring families in 1888. It is now the oldest tree farm in Washington that is still operated by its original owners.