Mark Doumit (2006-Present)

Forestry as a Preferred Land Use—Protecting the Value of Forests for the Next Century

After 18 years in public office, with 10 of those years in the Washington State Legislature, Mark Doumit joined WFPA already having established many relationships in local and state government. He is looking for opportunities to make new partnerships as WFPA continues its efforts to ensure the sustainability of Washington’s forests as an economic, social and environmental resource. For example, he recognizes the importance of entering into a dialogue on sustainability with stakeholders, such as environmental groups and Native American tribes, as we make decisions about the future of Washington’s forests, including the values they provide to all of us.

Doumit is also promoting responsible forest management as a preferred land use through WFPA’s Working Forest Agenda. The Agenda is about fully realizing all of the values that come from a working forest. In addition to wood products, these values include environmental and ecosystem service values, which would include such things as clean water, clean air, and habitat for fish and wildlife. With the most progressive forest practices regulations in the nation, protecting those public values, coupled with the sophistication of more than a century of practicing the science of forestry, Washington is well positioned to remain a global leader in high-tech forestry well into the future.

Nooksack tribal member Bob Kelly, Mark Doumit, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission chairman Billy Frank Jr. and WFPA President, Toby Murray gather for a salmon bake ceremony.