Port Blakely Tree Farms—Tumwater, WA

Port Blakely joined WFPA in 1908 as one of the founding members. We helped form WFPA to build a strong industry coalition to work towards the prevention and control of forest fires, which at the time was the single most significant risk to our business. Since then, our membership objectives have broadened beyond fire suppression to include the support and advancement of science and research, environmental education and public outreach. WFPA membership allows us to stay informed and involved in the issues that affect our ability to manage our forests for current and future generations. Because the practice of forestry is more complex than ever; we will continue to look to the WFPA to provide guidance and opportunities for bringing stakeholders together in support of Washington’s private forests.

As a founding member, Port Blakely helped prevent and control forest fires, which was the single most significant risk to the industry when WFPA was established in 1908.